What is Weather and Vines all about?

I developed a taste for wine many years ago, while I was teaching meteorology at a college in upstate New York. I didn’t know many people, so I spent a lot of time at my local wine shop exploring its shelves and talking with the staff. One of the most important things I noticed was the difference in taste among vintages of the same wine. It dawned on me that, of course, this was largely due to annual variations in weather, and there must be some way to connect the dots between the weather and vines.

Several years later, I’ve finally had the time to get this started. Each weekly newsletter will focus on weather that affects wine regions. Some weeks we’ll explore the weather behind a specific bottle of wine, which will be whatever I happen to pick up at the store. They won’t all be fancy, but they’ll certainly be delicious. Other times we’ll take a look at current or recent weather that impacts wine regions worldwide.

Who are you?

I’m Kyle. I live just outside Washington, DC and I’m a meteorologist during the day. I specialize in long-range weather forecasting from several weeks to several months in the future. I graduated with a PhD in atmospheric science in 2014 and have worked in the field ever since. If you’re interested in learning more about my qualifications as a meteorologist, or if you just want to see some cool maps, please visit my site at www.kylemacritchie.com.

Perhaps most importantly, I am not a wine expert. This newsletter will be an opportunity for me to teach you about weather while I learn about wine. Someday I’d like to get some official qualifications under my belt, but I can only take one step at a time. I look forward to learning together and I hope that we’ll all end each week with a little more respect for whichever bottle we find ourselves drinking.

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Kyle MacRitchie
Meteorologist & Data Scientist // tech buff, wine & scotch lover, mediocre tennis player // PhD @UAlbany